Do Your Nails for Fashion (and a Cause)

Do Your Nails for Fashion (and a Cause)

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Do Your Nails for Fashion (and a Cause): Fashion:

For Glamour’s seventh-annual Fashion Gives Back project, we paired four print-happy designers with the nail gurus at NCLA to make you runway-inspired nail wraps. The limited-edition decals you see on these pages are easy to apply, and each $16 kit contains enough wraps for three to four manis. That’s more than a month’s worth of fashion, right at your (sorry, can’t help ourselves) fingertips. But the best part is that $5 per kit sold goes to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that helps young women pursue careers in technology and engineering. These prints charming can be found only at select Barneys Co-op stores (888-222-7639) and

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Photographer: Patrick Shaw

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