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"Do I have the right to be mad at Lena for 'cheating' on me with this other guy when we were officially broken up?"
This week, Doc Love, author of "The System," says that when she dumps you, you don't want her back.Hey Doc,I just recently purchased "The System," and read a few chapters. Through it, I discovered why I lost my ex, Lena -- I just wasn’t a Challenge for her anymore. A month ago, she wanted to break up and I agreed to it. After the second week, I totally stop communicating with her and it drove her crazy. Once a week, she would text me and say that she missed me. I held my ground and didn’t respond. I wanted to wait at least a month before talking face-to-face with her about our relationship and its future.

Long story short, I recently got together with Lena and she confessed to me that she was seeing another person while we were broken up and that she actually got very romantic with him when she was drunk, even though she didn’t like the guy. She said she felt awful about what she did, then asked that she and I get back together. I felt so disrespected that I told her to never call or communicate with me again. But I’m torn, Doc. Lena is a good girl who is flexible and caring, and she has Integrity -- or so I once thought.

Here are my questions: Do I have the right to be mad at Lena for “cheating” on me with this other guy when we were officially broken up? It shouldn’t feel like a betrayal, but for some strange reason it does. Should I forgive her? I do respect her for telling me the honest truth about what she did instead of lying or not telling me at all. The truth really does hurt, but I’m glad I know now so I can completely move on if I decide to.

I’m looking forward to your coaching. Thank you, Doc.

Adam - who feels crushed

Doc Love's Response

Hi Adam,

You didn’t agree to Lena’s breakup with you. She told you that she had enough of you and that was the ballgame. You didn’t have any choice in this matter at all, guy. But why should it drive Lena crazy? If she gets rid of you and you don’t want to talk to her anymore, why is she bothered by it? I’ll tell you why -- because she’s a double-dip, that’s why: a whack-job and a loon. Next Page >>

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