The Truth About Size And Women

Big Penises


"Big penises gave better orgasms, thereby creating deeper bonds and enhancing reproductive success."
Attention men: It’s finally here. The dreaded sentence that we have always secretly known but wished wasn’t true:

Women like big penises.

The Truth About Size And Women

A study published in the latest edition of the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has determined that penis size affects attractiveness -- and the bigger the better. Brian Mautz, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Ottawa, worked with a team at the Australian National University in Acton to uncover the big results.

The study created over 300 computer generated images of men that varied in height, hip-to-shoulder ratio (both traits are linked to attractiveness and reproductive success) and penis size. The images were projected on a wall and women were asked to rate the attractiveness on each one. The study found, for the most part, that penis size influences attractiveness -- but it wasn’t the only factor.

Height and hip-to-shoulder ratio also play important roles. If you’re six foot tall and have a three-inch (flaccid) penis you’ll get an average attractiveness score. Unfortunately, if you’re several inches shorter (say, 5’6”) you’ll need to be about 4.5-inches to measure up. Basically, if you’re tall, broad-shouldered and in shape, you don’t need to impress as much down there.

Mautz thinks that attractiveness based on penis size is most likely an evolutionary remnant from before humans started to wear clothing. Big penises gave better orgasms, thereby creating deeper bonds and enhancing reproductive success. But if you were big and strong and could protect your mate, then chances are you’d have reproductive success regardless of penis size.

The good news? We all wear clothing now so chances are you won’t be judged on size before you even ask for her number. Her first glance at you might be when you’re fooling around and then hopefully for you, you’re a grower, not a shower.

If you’re really worried about size there are other ways to please her in bed. Women might be slightly more attracted to computer-generated images with big junk but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t rock her world. Orgasms and sexual techniques have evolved too.

And while you can’t do anything about how tall you are, you can hit the gym and get in shape. Increase the size of your shoulders, shed some kilos to narrow your waist and women will notice.

Unless you’re a Jon Hamm -- in that case just wear tight pants.

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