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Benchmark Business Clothing


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Benchmark corporate Uniforms offer stylish, superior quality and an affordable corporate wardrobe that reflects an everlasting impression for the Office, Healthcare, and Hospitality sectors in both men's and ladies' fashion.

Catalogue on their website: Benchmark Uniforms

Bizwear Business Clothing


Biz Wear Logo

Bizwear commenced business in 1993 with one client and quickly grew to become a successful and respected name in the corporate apparel industry. We are now a part of the large, privately owned corporation, Belgravia Group. Our approach to uniforms is three-fold: specialised designs, ready-to-wear range, work wear & personal protective equipment.

Catalogue on their website: Bizwear

Gloweave Business Clothing


Gloweave Logo

In 1951 a shirt was produced from 30 denier Nylon and marketed under the name Glo-Weave. The 'Glo' representing the lustre of the fabric; 'weave' because, although the fabric was warpknitted, it looked woven. The shirt became so popular that in 1954 the company became Gloweave Proprietary Limited.

Catalogue on their website: Gloweave

Lee St John Business Clothing

Lee St John

Lee St John Logo

The LSJ Collection was first available as a multi-award winning fashion label distributed Australia wide as well as being exported all over the pacific-rim, including New Zealand and Singapore. Now as a boutique corporate label, we have used this same in-depth design, manufacturing and distribution skills, and specialised in producing high quality mens and ladies corporate wear for the past 10 years throughout Australia.

Catalogue on their website: Lee St John Collection

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Stylecorp Business Clothing


Stylecorp Logo

Stylecorp are a Melbourne based supplier committed to providing the best possible corporate uniform solution to their customers.

Catalogue on their website: Stylecorp

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Urban Nature Business Clothing

Urban Nature

Urban Nature Logo

One of the sister brands belonging to Kootex, parent to Australian Spirit. Urban Nature specialises in fashion corporate wear.

Catalogue on their website: Urban Nature

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Van Heusen Business Clothing

Van Heusen

Van Heusen Logo

Van Heusen’s high quality, innovative business shirts are carefully selected to provide consumers with world trend seasonal patterns and colours plus styling options in either our latest contemporary European range as well as timeless basics in our traditional selection.

Catalogue on their website: Van Heusen

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Bongardi Business Clothing


Bongardi Logo

Bongardi is a third-generation family business specialiizing in men's suits, sports coats and trousers. Plus women's suits, skirts, dresses, vests and jackets.

Catalogue on their website: Bongardi

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