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Do you remember the time when Meera made a splendid entry in Lollywood and was able to woo a huge fan following because of her gorgeous curly hair style?  Curly hair, that has been out for a while, is back in the fashion. Celebrities who have had long straight hair for a while are switching back to their curly look and are already managing to turn


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It’s really not very easy all the time having medicines and going under the blade of cosmetic surgery to get the extra beauty for you and your body care. So, why tease yourself for such precious naturally achievable thing? For this you must eat yourself beautiful because that definitely is the latest trend in cosmetics to become beautiful n


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Latest trend in cosmetics is to EAT yourself beautiful

Are you tired of eating bitter and heavy medicines for the eternal glowing beauty? Try out some edible cosmetics to get rid of all skin and health tensions because the latest trend in cosmetics is to eat yourself beautiful! Surely these products are the m

Eye Care Tips For Working Women

Eyes need


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Marriage is a bond which is considered not only invaluable gift by nature but also a process to further expand your family. Married couple after marriage is only concerned about pregnancy. Women in particular are more conscious to pregnancy beauty safety and often look out for beauty tips in pregnancy. This article will present you few of beauty


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Depression has an association with sleep patterns. Someone lacking sleep doesn’t and cannot have a healthy glowing skin. Do you know that depression causes wrinkles? This is because facial expressions play a significant role on your skin. In order to have healthy skin, you must treat your depression medically.


Anger, they say,  is the mother


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With changing season, women choice of shoes also changes. In summers, shoes designs are always unique and trendy. Colorful shoes are in fashion. For casual use, traditional footwear, like kolhapuri chappals and slippers are common. However, for parties or formal events, stylish new peep toe floral corsage slingback shoes are in fashion, nowadays.



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Nails are one of the prominent parts of body. Along with the increasing fashion, nails fashion has also become very much popular among females. Fashion would never be complete without beautiful nails. Women tend to focus on latest nails shapes and nails art. Nails naturally come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each person has unique nail


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Wearing designer lawn is now a fashion statement for women. Everyone woman loves to wear designer lawn, all because the prints are fabulous and its designers. Crescent lawn is one of the most famous designer lawns in Pakistan and crescent lawn is being appreciated all over the world where the lawn is being worn.

Everyone knows about the crescent


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Beauty & Style TipsMakeup Tips


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There are lots of lavish occasions where you can’t go without a makeup. When you have to go to such occasions and you have to put on makeup and you don’t have time to do it. Sometimes you have time to do makeup but you don’t know how to do it such as some eye makeup are really tricky to do it so for


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According to a research, working Women spend a major part of their salary on comfort-oriented things like spa treatments. Considering the daily increase in prices of things that are very much possible at home. One can create their own bathroom spa. Here we have come up with few bathroom spa ideas that we can do to make our own affordable bathroom


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As the spring season is approaching, everyone is on the hunt of new trends and fashions of spring 2013. Spring is known to be the king of seasons, so everyone wants to adopt the trends and styles of this season to become stylish and trendy.

Apart from clothes, makeup, shoes, handbags and other accessories, sunglasses are also the hottest trend for


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Quit the hair fight that you regularly get into! Your hair is a part of your body that needs gentle touch and hair-friendly products such as a good shampoo and conditioner.

Eat healthy food. When a doctor or your mother tells you to eat fruit and vegetables regularly, she is usually right because there is hidden wisdom behind her advices. Fruits...

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An important question to spring up your mind should be the type of sneakers and the amount to time spent wearing the shoes when buying yourself a new pair. This helps recognize the best product for your feet that can help you stay comfortable the while they are on. With all the types and variety of sneakers


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We girls are extra conscious of the beauty of our hands and nails and always want to know a tip or two to accentuate their loveliness. We are beauty conscious which makes us all the more adorable. We understand that apart from a pretty face, we must emphasize on our overall appeal and charm. Care of hands comes under the overall personality...

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Fashion trends act like a circle or a cycle. Sometimes something goes out of trend then it makes a comeback some time later. Snake print fashion has done the same thing as snake print fashion went out of but came back into trend in the falls 2012 collection and the snake print style is still very much hot


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Winter 2013 is definitely an ideal season for bright colors and bold statements not only in fashion but in makeup looks as well. Red Hot, Bold Pink, Mauves, Purples are the hottest winter lip hues that will make you look bold, beautiful, elegant, flattering, timeless and lethally, ingenuously sexy. Try these lip hues to get the desired look. You


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Chocolate spa tips are as lovely as the chocolate itself is. Chocolate is considered as a food of love. It tastes sweet and liked a lot by children and girls especially. We usually eat chocolate for pleasure or just because we love to eat it. But today, it is not being used for eating purpose only. I mean it is also being used in spas these days.


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There is no secret that women want to look good and almost always - even when they are casually dressed and are comforted in the privacy of their homes. Other than the clothes, women are downright gaga about stylish accessoriesout of which hand bags are one. Having said this, a whopping majority of women does not realize the importance of the


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Our body requires all kinds of nutrients in proportionate form for better performance which include different vitamins and minerals along with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When we talk about good and healthy hair, protein plays a vital role in this regard. If you lack protein in your daily diet, this could directly affect the growth, color


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Winter Lip Hues For You

Posted on January 31st, 2013 in Makeup Tips |
Beauty Tips, Winter Trends

Lip hues in winter add glamor to your face and make you more attractive. It not only enhances your beauty but also keeps your lips moisturized on cold dry weather. Have a look at winter lip hues guidelines here.

Chocolate Spa

Posted on January 30th, 2013


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The National Survey of American Life investigated the relationship of complexion crisis and discriminations due to skin problems and discovered very depressive and demoralizing symptoms among people of dark complexions especially African American women. These African American women who are disheartened fall in the ages between 18–98 years... c


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Winter nail color trend 2013 during fashion week has left behind all bags, purses, shoes and clothes. The rich shades and nail color trends introduced by manicurists show the range of deep, dark variations of red and navy off set by the cool and vibrant shades of beige, whites and silver. Fall nail color trend 2013 show small square shaped nails wi


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Giving birth to a baby is the most difficult task of this world. After getting over with the whole pregnancy tenure and delivery, one is hardly her usual size and shape. While the pregnancy period is full of big outfits, the postpartum period is a fashion nightmare in itself. After delivering the baby, you will experience quite a confusing


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The trend of wearing makeup is increasing with every passing day While every female is in effort to enhance her beauty by using different cosmetics, not all of them are fully aware of this art though.

It is a fact that when makeup is used properly it enhances natural beauty otherwise it makes you a monster. Some females paint their faces in such a


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The world is running very fast and we also have to run fast to accomplish our various tasks of life. Life has become busy and it seems very difficult to give ourselves a break for relaxation. The continuous working and lack of rest can affect our physical and mental health as well.

Females are very


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Style guide 2013 brings with it new designs, new trends and new style for a rocking year ahead. New Year’s style resolutions include revamp of the entire 2012 wardrobe and fashion and bring forward new style tips starting from hair color and ending on toes nails.

2013 style tip for hair is to have a more youthful cut. Bouncy hair with lots of


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