How Do I Give Engagement Ring Hints to My Boyfriend?


How Do I Give Engagement Ring Hints to My Boyfriend?

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Most women dream of a perfect engagement ring long before proposal enters the picture—so why shouldn't their future fiancés get a little nudge in the right direction once ring-shopping starts? Giving hints to ring preference is tricky, but our wedding experts are here to tackle this engagement etiquette question in our daily post.

My boyfriend has hinted that he's proposing soon. How do I tell him the type of engagement ring I want without being overbearing? He doesn't know much about jewelry, and I really want a specific type of ring.

You could try the old trick of opening a copy of Brides to your dream ring and leaving it on the coffee table. Or post a photo of your favorite ring as a screensaver on your computer or phone. Or start commenting on other women's rocks. ("Did you see Donna's ring? It's princess cut, which I think is really pretty, but I'm not a big fan of the gold.") But, let's face it, not every guy will get the hint. Your best bet is to talk to your BFFs, sister(s), and/or mom about the kind of ring you want and have them give your guy the scoop—or even volunteer to go shopping with him.

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